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This website search helps you find information on this website. It works simply by typing in keywords, phrases, or questions into the search box, then depressing the "Search" button. The search engine responds by giving you a list of all the pages in our index relating to those topics, with the most relevant content appearing at the top of your results.


Don't worry if you find a large number of results. It is recommended that you use a number of words when searching. Even though the number of results may be large, the most relevant content will always appear at the top of the results page. Searches are not case-sensitive, so searching for "Marine Corps" will match the lowercase "marine corps" as well as the uppercase "MARINE CORPS." You may also search for exact phrases by enclosing the phrase using double quotation marks (").


To make sure that a specific word is always included in your search topic, place the plus (+) symbol before the key word in the search box. For example, to find all references to the Marine Corps, try "marine +corps". This search will ensure that only references to the Marine Corps will be returned. To exclude a specific word from your search topic, place a minus (-) symbol before the keyword you wish to exclude in the search box. For example, to find references to the Marine Corps, excluding the Marine Corps Veterans Association, try "marine corps -veterans."


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