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The organization’s mission is to provide recognition, honor, aid and assistance to all Marines and Corpsmen and their families, as well as assisting, providing recognition and honoring those from other branches of the Armed Forces of the United States and their families, as a patriotic mission to benefit active duty members and veterans. Further information about the Marine Corps Veterans Association may be found at: About Us.

Yes, the Marine Corps Veterans Association is registered as a nonprofit 501(c)(19) war-veterans organization with the Internal Revenue Service and in the states of Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Our federal tax identification number is 36-‍4601300.

The Marine Corps Veterans Association Outer Banks Platoon provides similar program services as other local veteran's organizations, however as an exclusive Marine war-veterans organization, our members have the common background of rigorous Marine Corps training and a bond of camaraderie and esprit-de-corps that provides us with the ability to work together to accomplish any goal.

No. Although our primary focus is towards veterans, the Outer Banks Platoon also performs programs that benefit our entire local community! A list of current programs in which we participate is provided at: Service Programs.


Yes. As a 501(c)(19) nonprofit war-veterans organization, all donations to the Outer Banks Platoon are deductible as charitable contributions on the donor's federal income tax return to the extent permitted by law.

Virtually all of it! Our expenses are minimal as we do not employ the services of professional marketers to solicit donations, nor does any of our members receive any type of compensation. In addition, our meetings are conducted at a no-cost venue and our social activities receive no funding from our organization.

You can assist us through performing volunteer work with us or through a charitable donation. Additional information is available at: Donate or Volunteer.


The Marine Corps Veterans Association has both regular and associate memberships. Regular membership is open to Marines, and to Navy Corpsmen who served honorably with the Fleet Marine Force. These members must have served a minimum of 90-days of continuous active service and have served at least one-day during a period of wartime. Associate membership is available to those who do not meet the requirements for regular membership, but who support the principles and mission of the Marine Corps Veterans Association. Further information on membership requirements and the application process is provided at: Become a Member.

You may be eligible to become an associate member provided you can show evidence of honorable service for a minimum of 90-days of continuous active service in the armed forces and have served at least one-day during a period of wartime. For further information, please contact us at: Contact Us.

Generally speaking, an honorable or general discharge that was awarded under honorable conditions. We examine the Character of Service listed on each applicant's DD Form 214. If that service is characterized as being awarded under honorable conditions, such service would be considered honorable. Those separated from the armed forces with other than honorable, bad conduct, or dishonorable discharges are considered to be less than honorable and are not eligible for either regular or associate membership in the Marine Corps Veterans Association.

Annual dues for new and renewing regular or associate members is $25.

The Marine Corps Veterans Association recommends that each member purchase at least a garrison cover with the appropriate cover ornament, and a prescribed polo shirt. Further information on uniforms may be found at: Member Uniforms.

Of course not! As a volunteer organization, attendance at meetings and participation at our social and service activities is never required. We do however strive to encourage your participation at these events by making them enjoyable and worthwhile.

Meeting dates, times and locations are set by each platoon and are open to all regular and associate members, as well as all Marines desiring to learn more about our organization. Specific meeting information for the Outer Banks Platoon may be found at: Activities and Calendar.

Yes. The renewal of annual dues for members of the Outer Banks Platoon may be paid online by visiting: Member Services.


Although we would be pleased to assist you in locating a Marine Corps Veterans Association platoon in your area, we recommend that you contact our national headquarters as they have the most up to date information on various platoon locations. Contact information for the national headquarters of the Marine Corps Veterans Association may be found at: Contact National Headquarters.

We would be happy to answer any and all of your questions, so please feel free to contact us. Our contact information may be found at: Contact Us.


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