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23 August 2019: The Outer Banks Platoon of the Marine Corps Veterans Association received a $1,000 local community grant today through the generosity of our local Walmart store in Kitty Hawk. Robert Yanacek, the platoon's commander, stated “Walmart in the past has consistently supported veterans through its employment hiring practices and charitable giving program, and this is yet another fine example of their support of our veterans within the Outer Banks community.” The Kitty Hawk Walmart has also, throughout the years, permitted the local Marines to collect toys and donations at their store for the annual Toys for Tots drive. In addition to using this grant to assist our local veterans, the platoon also plans to use a portion of the funds to purchase toys for distribution to local children at Christmas through their annual Toys for Tots campaign.


22 August 2019: In support of local veterans programs, the Outer Banks Platoon of the Marine Corps Veterans Association became a business member of the Dare County Arts Council today. This membership serves to assist the Dare County Arts Council in defraying the costs associated with the two programs they conduct specifically for veterans—the Veterans Songwriting Workshop, and the Veterans Writing Workshop. The Dare County Arts Council has hosted these events for a number of years and they have proven to be both worthwhile and popular within our local veterans community. An upcoming workshop, focusing on expressing military experiences through poetry will be held on November 9th and 10th. This event will be held at the UNC Coastal Studies Institute in Wanchese and is open to all veterans, even those with no prior writing experience. Those interested in attending may register or obtain further information about this workshop at the link provided below.

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23 May 2019: The Outer Banks Platoon of the Marine Corps Veterans Association attended a staged reading of Brothers Like These at the Paul F. Keller meeting hall today in Duck. This moving event was brought to the Outer Banks by the Dare County Arts Council and featured thirteen Vietnam War veterans from the Ashville, North Carolina presenting poetry they had composed over the past two years telling of their individual experiences in Vietnam. Each participant's poetry was written under the guidance of former North Carolina poet laureate Professor Joseph Bathanti of Appalachian State University, and serves as an enduring testimony to their shared sacred sense of sacrifice, community, love, and brotherhood. Those veterans presenting their poetry were: George Durdan; Charles Erskine; Butch Gudger; Wayne Heflin; Stephen Henderson; John Hoffman; Michael Ireland; Ed Norris; Allan Perkal; David Robinson; David Rozzell; Ed Spangler, and; James Watts. We extend our congratulations to these men on their fine work and offer our gratitude to each of them for answering their nation's call to service in the armed forces during the turbulent era of the Vietnam War.

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7 May 2019: Robert J. Yanacek, acting platoon commander of the Outer Banks Platoon of the Marine Corps Veterans Association was appointed this evening by the Dare County Board of Commissioners to the Dare County Veterans Advisory Council. His appointment is for a term of two years where he will be serving alongside six other local veteran members addressing veteran-related issues within the county. Robert will be replacing fellow Marine, Russ Laney who has served with the Veterans Advisory Council for the past three years. Robert served in the Marine Corps for twenty-three years prior to his retirement, has served as an officer within a number of veterans organizations, and has been a resident of the Outer Banks since 2001. All local veterans are encouraged and welcome to contact him for assistance or to bring a veterans-related issue to attention of the Dare County Board of Commissioners.

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29 April 2019: Many local businesses in our area are offering a discount on their products and services to veterans of the armed forces and to active and reserve military personnel who reside in Dare County. To obtain these discounts local veterans must present a Dare County Veterans Discount card at the register when paying for their purchases. The discount cards are available free of charge through the Dare County Veterans Advisory Council by contacting Marsha Brown at (252) 202-2058. A concise listing of businesses offering discounts is provided at the link below. Please be aware that alcohol at food establishments, and sale, clearance or other items may be excluded from the discount offer. Should you have a question regarding a specific purchase, please consult the store manager prior to making your purchase.

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16 April 2019: Every Tuesday K-Mart is now offering a 10-percent discount to military families! This discount is available to honorably discharged veterans of the armed forces in addition to members and the families of those currently serving on active duty or in the reserves. To receive your discount simply do your shopping on Tuesday, then present either your military or dependent ID card, your Dare County Veterans ID card, or your Marine Corps Veterans Association ID card at the register when paying for your purchases.


8 January 2019: The Outer Banks Platoon of the Marine Corps Veterans Association became a member of the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce today in order to expand their public awareness to the residents of Dare County. This strategic partnership will provide avenues within the local business community of the chamber's over 1,100 members to promote the presence of the Marine Corps Veterans Association in northeastern North Carolina and their service-related programs to local veterans and the community. Those interested in further information about the Outer Banks Platoon of the Marine Corps Veterans Association are encouraged to visit their website at https://marinevetsobx.org, or by calling or texting 252-‍573-3846.

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20 December 2018: With Christmas just a few days away the Outer Banks Platoon has completed their efforts in bringing the spirit of the season to our community. These efforts included the distribution of sixteen brand new Christmas trees to those in need and the collection and distribution of over one hundred toys and two bicycles through our Toys for Tots program. As always, we wish to extend our sincere appreciation to those who assisted our efforts through their generous support.


23 November 2018: In the spirit of giving, members of the Outer Banks Platoon are offering a free Christmas tree to local residents in need. The platoon currently has seven brand new trees available for distribution, with a priority being given to veterans and family members of veterans. The trees range in size from 6½ to 7½-feet and all are boxed and pre-lit with either LED or mini-lights. The trees that are available for distribution this year, along with images and details of each, are:

7½-Foot Covington Fir (No longer available)

7½-Foot Prescott Pine (No longer available)

7½-Foot Carson Pine (No longer available)

7-Foot Duncan Fir (No longer available)

7-Foot Scottsdale Pine (No longer available)

7-Foot Brookfield Fir (No longer available)

6½-Foot Silver Tinsel (No longer available)

Those interested in receiving a tree through our Christmas Tree Program, even if you are not a veteran or the family member of a veteran, are asked to contact us by phone, text, or e-mail to submit a request.

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12 November 2018: With Christmas only 53 days away, members of the Outer Banks Platoon are already actively working to bring the joy of the season to those in our local community in need of assistance. Platoon members have already placed a number of drop boxes at strategic locations for its Toys for Tots Program, and have obtained from a local major retailer, a number of Christmas trees for distribution to those in need. These efforts, offered in the spirit of giving, will undoubtedly impact positively on many local residents here on the Outer Banks. Those interested in additional information about these programs, or those who wish to support these efforts through a charitable donation or though volunteering to assist, may do so by contacting us for further information.

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20 September 2018: Local Marines are now being accepted for membership in the Outer Banks Platoon of the Marine Corps Veterans Association. Established in 2007 as a war-veterans organization, the Marine Corps Veterans Association's national headquarters is located in Sacramento, California. The Outer Banks Platoon is currently forming in Kitty Hawk and is intended to serve our veterans and community to expand upon the fine work being performed by similar veteran organizations within our area. The platoon's initial project will be to form a color guard consisting of four members and utilizing correct military-grade equipment. The color guard will be trained to perform at ceremonial functions and its services will be made available to our community to be utilized for local parades, civic ceremonies, and events of a patriotic nature. Those interested in becoming a member or learning more about our elite Marine organization are encouraged to contact us for further information.

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